Model A15-11 for T Outliner & Outliner II
Model S4-24 for Styliner & Styliner M3
Superliner or equivalent
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   Here at Just Right our Anivo Designer Alex and the team are on the verge of making history with the blade setter II, (sorry no sneak peeks JUST yet) the blade setter II will shake the barber world to its very foundation with an even greater impact then the first one.

  To say Alex and the team are excited would be the understatement of the year.

  In the meantime, we decided to give the blade setter a face lift to prepare for its BIG brother that's coming along the way so we made the PLATINUM EDITION blade setter, which will be FULLY polished, to a mirror show piece quality Chrome look.

   Best part, NO ADDED COST for the PLATINUM EDITION in light of the huge explosion of the blade setter II release. 
If you would like this option free of charge just leave us a note on checkout. There is a little extra Time needed to process this option.